Meaningful impact is its own reward

Ryan Kidd

What is IJM? Efficiencies and great outcomes. 

Have you ever been frustrated with inefficiencies at an accounting firm?  Working with medium to large size accounting firm can be a painful and expensive endeavor. 

About the name, IJM stands for “It’s Just Me”—that’s not in the sense of working alone. It means I am personally responsible, so you can focus on life. IJM employs great people. We work with specialists and experts to create unbridled awesomeness.  

Contact me if you are ready to talk about change. 

Ryan Kidd, CPA



Sound financial advice and better questions


Business tax reporting and planning

Executive tax reporting and planning

IRS examinations

DOR examinations or inquiries

Financial Statements and Auditing

Reviews and audits

ERISA compliance, 401(k) plans

Deferred tax provisions



Business advice

Financial personnel hiring

Legacy planning


A better work-life balance

Frustrated with your work environment? 

Being employed by a medium to large size accounting firm is a grind. Incredible people are in demand; prosper in a better environment. IJM seeks administrative types, CPAs, and senior accountants.

Ready to get back to playing with numbers and satisfying clients? Let's talk.

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You can reach us by e-mail at heyryan@ijmryan.com