Values Based.

IJM Ryan Ryan Kidd, CPA

Business—and life—is more than just numbers. Meaningful advice to develop a sense of community, the ability to get away, and live new experiences; a focus on values.


Being a part of something bigger.


The ability to pass something on.

New Experiences

Living life to the fullest.


Getting away to recharge and enjoy.


I use the letters “IJM” in my name to adhere to Accounting Industry Naming Standards (AINS). But I pair them with my first name so you know that with me you get a direct relationship and personal accessibility. IJM stands for “It’s Just Me”—but that’s not in the sense of working alone. It means I am personally responsible, and I make your life less complicated, so you can focus on the important things in life. Sometimes I work with a specialist, an expert, or staff accountants, all to create efficiencies and great outcomes.


Sound financial advice and better questions


  • Business tax reporting and planning
  • Executive tax reporting and planning
  • IRS examinations and inquiry
  • DOR examinations and inquiry

Financial Statements and Auditing

  • Review and audit
  • ERISA compliance, 401(k) plans
  • Deferred tax consulting


  • Sound advice for your business
  • Financial personnel hiring
  • Legacy planning


If you need a hardworking CPA and are interested in focusing on what is important in life, we should talk. You can reach me by e-mail at